Islamization In Malaysia

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Malaysia is located in the regions of South East Asia, divided by the South China Sea with Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo . Malaysia today is a federal constitution monarchy with an estimated population of 30 million people . This Islamic nation is influenced by key dates in history that have established its national identity today. In this section of the essay I will be briefly outlining some of the key historical events that have occurred in Malaysia. Beginning with prehistory period where the first signs of human life were found in present day Malaysia through the findings of a skull in the 1950’s. In 100BC Malaysia’s economy began with the influence of China and India through ports or trade in Malaysia. These countries continued
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In this section of the essay I will be providing evidence that islamisation has formally influenced Malaysia’s political and legal system.
It is evident that Malaysia has always a link to Islam culture and ruling, but since the independence of this nation Islamisation had begun to infuse Malaysian politics with Islamic ideologies to create a ‘more Islam’ and Islamic state in the near future.

The process of Islamisation began as seen in the mobilization of Muslims into political power, this then led to growth of Islamic political parties such as the UMNP and PAS. The United Malay’s National Organization (UMNO) is one of the dominant political parties that focuses on representing Malay’s (Muslims), nationalism, culture and is dedicated to protect and spread Islam across Malaysia . The Party Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) is another Islamic political party within Malaysia that emphasizes on creating an Islamic State that would eventually set laws that follow the teachings of Islam that will be applied only to Muslims

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