Islamic Women And Their Oppression Essay

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Islamic Women and Their Oppression

The traditional Islamic views on the treatment of women in A Thousand Splendid Suns raise the awareness of feminism, suppression, and the different perceptions on the superiority of women, especially in the Middle East. The society of the Islamic Nations seem to interpret the Qu’ran in support of male dominance. Females are denied their basic rights and, are not protected by domestic violence. The feminist movement is beginning to view the traditional ways as challengeable and is supported by the views of journalist studying the woman in Middle Eastern, Islamic communities.

Sexism is a concept on how society treats one gender “superior” to another. Through the majority of our history, sexism refers to females throughout the world. People usually tend to follow the traditional “patriarchal” societies, which natural disregards female equality. Women are inherently seen to be members of the household with the job of caring for their family. These views also perceive women as very hormonal and irrational beings, one of the main arguments of patriarchist, making them unfit for leadership and government roles. Sexist males will claim women to be “the weaker sex and less capable” of achievement than men. Some people perceive women with a higher level of discrimination and hatred, referring to the ideology of misogyny. This ideology raises the cases in a community or nation of domestic violence, abuse, and rape. When the women are victims of…

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