Mosque In Islam Research Paper

“Explain what the mosque reveals about Islamic faith and worship” As an AS level student, I have been given a question to write an essay on how Islamic faith and worship is presented through the mosque. Due to its importance to the Islamic faith, mosques are carefully architected to show such beauty that Allah has created within his people. Ever since the building of the first mosque in Medina in 622 CE, mosques have been modified. However, many mosques have similar features. When visiting Middle Eastern countries, such India, people may want to tour around places such as their cultural landmarks or sites. Mosques would be one of many historical buildings. Without been close to the Mosque, it might be to view for miles. The commonly eye-catching …show more content…
This is viewed as the most important place of the mosque as it is the place of prayer. In most parts of India, women do not have the right to pray in the mosque. However, in Allah’s Apostle ibn
says “
Do prevent women from praying at the mosque. Yet, their prayer at home is better for them." This place allows Muslims to say their prayers to Allah. In order for Muslims to say their prayers, they have to make sure their prayer space is clean. Therefore, they use what is known to be a prayer mat. Lines are on the floor to keep everyone in a straight line, facing the Qibla wall. This would be used by the Muslim to pray on to make sure they’re clean. Muslims believe that they should clean as instructed by Muhammad when taught his companion to find a clean place before prayer. After prayer, they would clean up their place. Inside most prayer halls is a wall which would Niche called the Qibla wall. This most prominent feature of them all as it signifies the direct of Mecca, Saudi Arabia the birthplace of the Prophet, Muhammad. It is very important to Muslim as they must face the wall to pray towards Mecca. In the Quibla wall is an indentation to signify its importance, called the

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