Islamic Civilization And Its Impact On Western Civilization Essay

1681 Words Oct 17th, 2016 7 Pages
Since Islam originated and advanced in Arab culture, other denominations that assimilated to the Islamic religion, often became greatly influenced by the Arabian culture and customs. Furthermore, even those who did not assimilate, but were in close contact with the Arabs tended to be influenced by them. Western Civilization, due to their struggles with and against the Islamic Empire, was greatly impacted by the Arabs. Ultimately, Arabs transformed Western Civilization in a manner that allowed the civilization to grow and flourish exponentially through the fields of science, technology, and especially in mathematics. Further analysis of the extensive knowledge the Muslims had of science in comparison to the minimal understanding that Western Civilization had of the topic, affirms that Islamic civilization had a definite impact on the development of science in Christian Europe, in which the Arabs introduced the basics of knowledge to the Western world by preserving the knowledge from being lost. Advances in science, such as, medicine and chemistry were thanks to the Islamic Empire. These scientific advances were later transmitted to the West, who had little to no previous knowledge on the subjects. The Islamic Empire placed a great importance on preserving and improving the works of the ancient Greeks and Romans while the Europeans did not, thus creating a lack of information in Christian Europe that could only be remedied by the Arabs. Christian Europe was left with no…

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