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This dowry is hers to do with as she wishes. If the woman asks the husband for a divorce then she is to return the dowry or property of equal value. If the husband requests a divorce, then he pays alimony, child support, and the wife keeps the dowry. The mother retains custody of her children until age thirteen or fourteen should she get divorced.

According to the Islamic Bulletin “Islam looks at the woman as an equal, mature and capable partner of a man, without whom a family cannot exist and teaches that men and women are all the creation of Allah, existing on a level of equal worth and value”. The bulletin goes on to state that “her femininity should not be exploited in any way, rather she is to be regarded and treated as human individual whose sexuality does not enter into her relationship with any person other than her husband”. A man is allowed to marry up to four wives at a time, but a woman is only allowed to have one husband. This does not add up to equal in my mind.

Publicly a woman is expected to cover all parts of her body except her hands and face. When she is at home with her children, husband, relatives, and other women she may wear whatever she likes. Females are not to wear make-up or perfume when in public.

Honor killings are not punishable under Islam law. If a woman behaves in a way this is dishonoring to her family then she may be killed. It wasn’t stated how she was to be killed or if there is a specific manner in which the
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