Islam 's Views On Islam Essay examples

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To the world, Islam is seen as a cause for much terrorism and violent acts all over the world; but, the actual victims are Muslims and this is unknown to many people. Nearly eighty-two to ninety percent of Muslims are killed in terrorist attacks. In Quran, the religious book of Muslims, terrorism is named as “Irjaf” meaning “crooked action.” Quran teaches people to respect everyone’s beliefs and if one likes it, he can follow it. It is written in the Quran that “Show mercy to people on earth, Heaven will show mercy on you.” Many people interpret the Quran in a wrong way, which leads to many misunderstanding about Islam. Some of the Islamic Speakers like Imam Zia, the author of Love, Marriage and Sex in Islam, Nicole Queen, an Islam photographer and Sullivan, World Renowned Islamic Speaker are spreading the truth and facts about Islam. Imam Zia says that one good solution in solving the misunderstandings about Muslims and Islam as a whole is to interact with the Muslim people. There are many Muslim students in schools and colleges, which serves as a good source for other people to interact. He says that Virgin Mary’s birth to Jesus is mentioned twice in Quran. Like in the Holy Bible, Quran mentions about Jesus’ rise from death and also a time before the end when Jesus will come. The mother of Jesus, Virgin Mary is revered in the Quran and by many Muslims. He states that Virgin Mary is the only woman mentioned by name, in the Quran; a whole chapter is dedicated to Virgin…

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