Islam 's Views On Islam Essay

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Islam is one of the largest religions in the world. It has over one billion followers around the world (Islam). Though there are many followers of Islam, many people do not know what those followers truly believe. Many people do not know about Islam because they base their knowledge of this religion on the media’s portrayal of Muslims and other second hand misinformation. Many people have a false interpretation of what the Islamic faith actually believes, especially when it comes to what Muslims believe about Jesus.
In 622, a man named Muhammad founded the Islamic faith. Muhammad was born in 570 in Mecca, which is a town in western Arabia (Muhammad). Muhammad’s parents unfortunately died when he was a young child. So he moved often as a child, going from one family member’s house to another. He ended up spending most of his childhood living with his uncle (Muhammad). His uncle was a merchant, and Muhammad would often travel with his uncle as he accompanied caravans to trading centers. As Muhammad grew older, he was greatly hurt when people valued idols and materials over everything else. He went into the mountains to get away from everything, and was often “visited by an overpowering presence and instructed to recite words of such beauty and force that he and others gradually attributed them to God” (Muhammad). Hearing these words, Muhammad needed to tell people about this God. He used trade routes, which his uncle had showed him as a child. And as a result, the Islamic…

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