Essay on Islam 's Impact On Pakistan

1577 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
Islam has played an important role in the creation and continued survival of Pakistan as a sovereign state. As Pakistan started off, the use of the two-nation theory and a united Muslim front was a useful identity to an otherwise splintered nation, too similar to it’s much larger Hindu counterpart. As Pakistan grew from a theory into an actualized nation, it was proved that this wasn’t a solid foundation for a country as Bangladesh won independence, disregarding Muslim unity in exchange for inter-ethnic conflict. To counter-act insecurities and strife caused by the growing realization that a Muslim identity might not be strong enough to keep the diverse ethnicities from falling apart a stronger tie to Islam was established with Zia-ul-Haq’s military takeover and ensuing Islamicization, bringing in sharia to strengthen the Muslim identity under an Islamic state. The continued use of sharia has aided in the complete discrimination of religious minorities, including smaller sects within Islam. As a tool to keep the country together Islam has been both a success and a complete failure. While there were very few things that could’ve tied Pakistan together in the face of independence without immediately getting swallowed back up by the Indian identity, Islam has been an easy enough straw to grasp for immediate unification by many politicians, however the use of Islam without extremism is weak at best and with extremism is oppressing for minorities and any type of future growth for…

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