Islam the Straight Path Essay

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Islam The Straight Path

An evaluation of the book by John L. Esposito: Islam The Straight Path.

In this book , Esposito provides a succinct, up-to-date survey of the Islamic experience, an introduction to the faith, belief, and practice of Islam from its origins to its contemporary resurgence. He traces the emergence and development of this dynamic faith and its impact on world history and politics. He discusses the formation of Islamic belief and practice (law, theology, philosophy, and mysticism), chronicling the struggle of Muslims to define and adhere to their Islamic way of life. Equally important is the essential information Esposito provides on the contemporary world of Islam, from Muslim responses to the challenges of
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I also believe that he has introduced a clear guideline for Muslims and their practice. Laying out their laws, beliefs, attitudes, values, and other religious responsibilities. I also found that Esposito writes with good academic intentions and writing on Islam from a western perspective. Esposito describes the realities of the Muslim world in their struggle to define their social, political, and economical identity. Although, he points that many of these ambitions are kept short due to lack of strong and faithful authorities in the Muslim world.

As Esposito, introduces the faith, belief, and the practice of Islam from pre-historic times one can clearly see the religious events and the struggle of a religion through time. As on page 31, Esposito says, "…Muslims throughout the centuries, the message of the Koran and the examples of the Prophet…" are the essential building blocs of Muslim life. He also emphasizes on the importance of Islam history and civilization, because he believes that they are the "…record of that struggle to interpret and to follow the Straight Path." (Esposito 31:1998)

Esposito also, introduces the idea of Modernism, that Islamic times have not just only brought religion alone but also economic and military hardships to the west, as he puts it, "challenge to western technology". The impact of western imperialism has also impacted the Islamic world. As the book evolves,

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