Islam : The Rise Of Islam Essay example

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Islam, the world 's fastest growing religion currently followed by 1.6 billion individuals, germinated in the Arab Peninsula when Prophet Muhammad received revelation from Allah in 610. Islam quickly spread throughout the Arab Peninsula into the Middle East and across North Africa. Likewise, Islam spread peace, unity, equality, and increased literacy rates. Islam directly influenced society and altered the course of development in history and in today 's contemporary world. The rise of Islam played a crucial role in formulating world history and effecting todays contrary world as it influenced civil rights, education and provides the basis of life for millions of people.
Islam catalyzed the evolution of civil rights during its migration to other lands. Prior to Islam, individuals lived in a time period called el-ghaliya, the ignorance. El-ghaliya was a time when people abused power and mistreated one another. For example, people practiced slavery, bigotry and the maltreatment of women. Islam terminated these practices, for instance one of Prophet Muhammad 's companions, Bilal Ibn Rabah was a black slave who Prophet Muhammad freed. Ibn Rabah was from Abyssinia but was born into servitude, he fell in love with Islam when he heard how Islam was resolving societal issues and inciting positive messages. Upon becoming a Muslim Ibn Rabah was abused by his master and Prophet Muhammad declared that the mistreatment of slaves is unlawful. Furthermore, Prophet Muhammad made Ibn…

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