Islam : The Middle East And Southeast Asia Essay

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Islam spread throughout North Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia rapidly after it was founded. Due to Islam discouraging the use of figurative images in religious contexts, pushing Islamic artists to create and develop a rich decoration style of non-figural images, consisting of such ornament that make a hallmark of Islamic work. Islamic decoration includes complex geometric patterns, calligraphy and scrolling vines better known as arabesques.

Islam has affected Islamic architecture when it comes to its decoration by the religion prohibiting Muslims from depicting or having sculptures of symbolic religious people such as Prophet Muhammad to refrain them from worshipping an image/sculpture; having their believers focus more on the goals of the religion.

Islam is a monotheistic religion originating in the Middle East in 622 C.E. Islam, more specifically Saudi Arabia. The religion was founded on the principles and teachings from Prophet Muhammad, revealed to him by Allah the creator and sustainer of the world. Islam contains several branches that derive from the religion, however all have the same belief that “Allah is the one and true God with no partner or equal”. Islam is divided into two, Sunni’s and Shi’a’s, having different approaches and interpretation of the Qur’an, their holy book.

The religion prohibits depicting pictures of Muhammad or God stems from it being against idolatrous images. In the Hadith (a collection of traditions containing sayings of the…

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