Islam Is The True Way Of Life Essay example

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Devotion, submission, and the recognition of an omnipotent being is the essence of Islam, and what Omar Ibn Said dedicated his life to, among many other Muslims (Module 14:Islam, Part 3) . The Qur’an means to read or recite, and this is essential to the praise of Allah and to gain knowledge of one’s duty as a Mohammedan (Module 12: Islam, Part 1). Although, Omar was a slave and did not have access to the Qur’an he had memorized many surah’s (Chapters) and could read and write in Arabic something that is essential and a duty to every believer (Said). Many Muslim slaves like Omar acknowledged that Islam is the true way of life and are expected to follow many obligations that the Qur’an mentions in order to please Allah and to be submitted into heaven (Module 14:Islam, Part 3). Throughout Omar’s writing of these chapters from the Qur’an, it describes the Qur’an in a way that warns the people, gives direction, and faith for those to follow in despairs of guidance no matter what they may go through (Esack 18). Islam was designed not only as a religion of the book, but a religion of oral memorization, giving guidance, submission and knowledge that will never extinct even in the worst of situations (Esack 17).
Qur’an is a sacred book for Muslim, followers that believe there is only one God, Allah which is the name for God in Arabic and that Muhammad is the final prophet to deliver Allah’s message (Module 12: Islam, Part 1). Throughout Prophet Muhammad’s life he received…

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