Islam Is A Religion Of Peace Essay

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As religions grow, many interpretations come up, particularly during a time of crisis. However, many contend that organizations that have a theology which is founded on hate do not represent any of the traditions in Islam. Many devotees of Islam argue that Islam is a religion of peace. The truth of this assertion may not be entirely accurate; this is because many militant groups carry out their activities through based on a puritanical strain of Islam that is known as Jihadi Salafism. It can be described as a medieval interpretation of Islam that developed when the Arabs were not in good terms with the Europeans as well as the East Asians.
According to White (2016), Jihadi Salafism represents a minority and often internally condemned interpretation of Islam. However, it is a unique theological strain of Sunni Islam that is encouraged and admired globally through scholars, websites, media as well as social networks. Various groups can be linked to Jihadi Salafism, for instance, the Muslim Brotherhood declares claim to one school while, theirs was primarily created in Egypt to counter the imperial rule while purifying education as well as social services. On the other extreme, groups such as Isis and al-Qaeda, depict a more great school, hey seek to purify Islam and secure the Muslim lands of western influence.
Salafi Jihadists constitute less than 1 percent of 1.2 billion Muslims. They believe that through Jihad they can extend the Muslim World so that all the citizens of…

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