Islam Is A Religion Of Islam Essay examples

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Since the time of Christopher Columbus, maybe even earlier, Muslim Americans have been on United States soil. As odd as that may sound to some, Muslims have been here since the beginning. Even to this day Muslim Americans still have a huge role to play in society every single day. Those who practice the Islamic faith are doctors, teachers, even the most ordinary individuals on the streets. Islam is a religion of respect and unity that has been clouded by extremists with poor ideas that do not represent Islam in any way. There are many things to be said about Islam, let us observe a few. The Islam religion is a practice of faith that is highly misunderstood. Even though so many people are misinformed it is still one of the fastest growing religions in the world (”Islam in North…”, n.d.). Many Americans associate the Islam religion with violence and war, while in reality it is quite a different idea. In fact, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all come from the same branch and worship the same God (“A Brief History…”, n.d.). To prove this idea that they are all based on the same beliefs, it even states in the Qur’an that Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all Ahl al-kitab, which roughly translates to the People of the Book (Smith, 1999). The main difference between the three religions is that they believe in different Prophets to whom spoke God’s word. In the Islamic community they follow the book of the Qur’an, which is the word of Muhammad, God’s last Prophet. Throughout…

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