Islam Is A Religion Of Islam Essay

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Summary of Islam
Religion can be looked at differently by everyone but, Islam is a religion that has made headlines in the last few years. The religion is simple just like any other, the idea of worshipping a God. Thus, within Islam there are many different categories that can be discussed, the Muslim religion has origins, symbols, rituals, festivals and sacred writings that are dear to many. There are many different perspectives on the great religion of Islam as it is the revelation of the Prophet Mohammed. The religion has much more to hold than the public has knowledge of.
Islam is a well known religion, one of the youngest great religions of the world full of origins and beliefs. According to many sources, the Prophet Mohammed introduced Islam in 610 A.D after an angelic visitation. The origins of the word Islam come from the word Salam meaning peace in Arabic. Countless believe that Mohammed was the first and last great prophet to live and that Islam existed before Mohammed dating back to the beginning of the world. For the Muslim population, they believe that Angels are significant and honoured creatures. As stated, “The angels worship God alone, obey Him, and act only by His command. Among the angels is Gabriel, who brought down the Quran to Muhammad” (Abu-Harb), the angels are considered as messengers. The main belief is that Prophets are normal people with no divine or special powers. Muslim people…

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