Islam And Islam : Islam Essay

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accepted Islam when Muhammad declared himself the Prophet. Muhammad 's appreciation of Abu Bakr 's acceptance of Islam is quoted by the Prophet himself: “Years later, the Holy Prophet recalling the conversion of Abu Bakr said, ‘Whenever I offered Islam to anyone, he always showed some reluctance and hesitation and tried to enter into an argument. Abu Bakr was the only person who accepted Islam without any reluctance or hesitation, and without any argument’”( Even though this acceptance hurt Abu Bakr’s business because his reputation suffered due to the fact that the elder Quraish Tribe now despised Abu Bakr, it was critical to Muhammad at the time. This is because in tribal custom, Abu Bakr, being a free man, was able to protect the Prophet from many rivals in Mecca. Without this protection, Muhammad and Islam could of been jeopardized. Not only did Abu Bakr sacrifice financial security and reputation for Muhammad, he was also willing to give his life for the Prophet. Abu Jahl, who was an opponent of Islam, one day tried to strangle Muhammad with a cloth. Abu Bakr saw this, ran over to them, and saved Muhammad from death. For this act, Abu Jahl and other enemies of Islam severely beat Abu Bakr. The beating was so severe that Abu Bakr lost consciousness and could have lost his life. When he awoke, the first thing he said was, “Is the Prophet un-hurt?" Abu Bakr did not care about his own suffering; he was more concerned about the safety of the Prophet (…

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