What Is Islam Peaceful?

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Islam was not always as peaceful of a religion it is today. Today, Islam, similar to most religions, is rather peaceful and keeps to itself. There are a few extremists, however, that perform acts of terrorism. For majority though, it is usually quiet and to itself. In the beginning, it was hard for people to accept Islam. People were Christian, Jewish, or polytheistic. It was hard for them to accept a new religion that was against their foundational upbringing. Islam was looked down upon from the start, and the many wars for power and authority did not make its image any better. Islam had a challenging start; with violence aimed at Mohammad for beginning this new religion, the outcome of a war for power between two caliphs, and the tension …show more content…
After the first civil war, Muslims began to spread their religion by force. They would go into a town and force the leaders to submit to their ways and hand over the city. In many cases, this ended with people being killed trying to defend the city and spread their faith. However, the Muslims would usually end up winning. They did treat the citizens well after their defeat, consequently. If someone refused to convert to Islam, Muslims would still treat him or her like any other citizen with the exception of having them oppress their religion. The Muslims did not make a good first impression on other surrounding religions, such as Judaism and Christianity. When Mohammad and his followers invaded Mecca, they forced out primarily Jewish citizens. This began sparking tension with them and the Jews. When invading other cities, Christians began being oppressed and ultimately forced to convert to Islam. Muslims did not violently force people to convert, but oppressed them to the point they were tied of the way they were being treated and decided to convert. This showed the Christian and Jewish community that Muslims would do anything to spread their faith. It has been known that Christianity was spread forcible at a time, but not to the extent that the Muslims were. The unnecessary wars and oppression kindled distrust towards Muslims that remain to this

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