Why Do Propaganda Videos Play A Role In Recruiting?

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Recruiting methods for Isis are key in order to fight for what they believe in. According to the CIA, they have estimated that there is an upward of 50,00 thousand Isis members in just Syria. In order to get these soldiers they need to heavily recruit them. Propaganda videos play a major role in recruiting. The group constructs high quality videos of them getting their message out. They show grotesque images of them executing hostages. They also show members of the US military being killed. This just furthers feeds other men and women’s hatred toward the United States. Not only do these videos portray their message, but they also use them to inspire current and potential members. These videos are completely biased and aimed towards attracting …show more content…
Isis is reported to be responsible fro more than 30,000 deaths since taking Fallujah. Isis has uploaded multiple videos of them executing many different hostages. They use tactics such as beheadings, execution with firearms and even being burn alive. The reason behind these killings to send a message to those who oppose them by saying they will kill anyone who does not join them. Many of Isis victims are fellow Muslims who refuse to join or support them. Isis has also been reported to kill many people from other religions. In February of 2015, Isis members beheaded 21 Christians on a beach in Lybia. These Christians were vocal about their faith and that ended up getting them killed. The goal behind this is to let no one feel safe about their religion. Another reason behind these killings Is for ransom money. Isis has kidnapped many different people from wealthy countries in hope of getting ransom money in return. When these countries don’t comply with the terrorist demands, the hostages get executed to send a message. The majority of Isis victims are Iraqi soldiers. Many of the soldiers are under equipped and under trained. The Iraqi soldiers don’t fight with as much passion as the Isis fighters, therefore end up surrendering in battle. Surrendering might be the worst decision they could make because they will end up getting tortured or executed. It was reported …show more content…
The CIA estimated that Isis has some 20,000-30,000 thousand fighters and that number is constantly growing. The group uses military force to spread its powers into neighboring countries. Mostly functioning out of Iraq and Syria, Isis puts bordering countries such as Turkey and Lebanon in great danger. Members of the Iraqi military are constantly at battle with Isis members trying to regain land lost to Isis. The United States is responsible for training as many as 10,000 thousand Iraqi soldiers to fight back against the terrorist group. Training these men will allow the people of Iraq to try to regain control of their own country. This will also limit the amount of United States troops deployed on the ground. The Islamic State has recently captured the city of Ramadi. Ramadi is the second largest city in Iraq. This is an important city for Isis because it is a major hub for the economy of Iraq. The majority of people living in Ramadi now are either members of Isis, or regular citizens trying to stay under the radar. Other than training troops and sending them in to directly fight Isis, one of the best tactics is to send airstrikes at specific locations. The United States alone has carried our more that 4,500 airstrikes is Syria and Iraq. These strategic airstrikes are responsible for destroying many targets and eliminating thousands of Isis members. Airstrikes are the best

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