Essay on Ishmael, By Daniel Quinn

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After millions of years, the human race is the pinnacle of evolution. With all the knowledge and skills that humanity has gained over the years, mankind is now the smartest and most adaptive species on the planet. This concept, however, is about to be challenged by a gorilla known as Ishmael. In Daniel Quinn 's novel Ishmael, our teacher Ishmael spends his free time trying to enlighten his students into understanding the world that they live in. Through the teachings of Ishmael, the Narrator and the reader embark on a journey to free humanity from its captivity in a culture it cannot control. Ishmael is a teacher that specializes in captivity. Apart from being a gorilla that has been caged for most of his life, Ishmael specializes in the concept of humans and the world being in captivity. Ishmael 's goal for teaching these concepts is his hope to save the world. For the world to be saved, however, the world must be freed from humanity 's grasp. The society that mankind has created revolves around the idea that humans are on top. With this concept, everything on the planet can and should be used for the betterment of mankind. "Man is the creature for whom all the rest was made: this world, this solar system, this galaxy, the universe itself"(Quinn57). This human possession can be seen in our everyday diction with our use of, "our environment, our seas, our solar system"(Quinn62). The possessive nature of humanity is suffocating the natural world and is preventing it from…

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