Isaiah Pov : Fifth Century- Essay

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Isaiah Pov:

Fifth century-

A couple hundred of my Strigoi brother 's and sister 's and I sat soundlessly surrounding lifeless animal bodies, out in the forest at night. Unfortunately over the years, five leading families have hunted my kind down, they track our every move and have slaughtered many of my kind as they 've found a weapon able to kill the Strigoi: The silver stake.

I then heard a battle cry sounding out through the forest, myself and the rest of the Strigoi instantly stood up and searched for the battle cries. However, it was already too late for my kind as hunter 's began slaughtering us left right and center. I managed to flee the scene without any of the hunter 's noticing. I raced over the other board and found safety with a couple other Strigoi 's.

We hide in underground crave with lake shielding the entrance of the cave. I turned to face the other Strigoi 's, Galina, Elena, Nathan, Donovan and Boris.

"What do we do now?,"asked Galina.

"I honestly don 't know. We 've dropped considerably in numbers. "said Nathan.

"Yes, it 's going to take a long time to build up our numbers that we once had,"said Donovan.

"So, what happens now?,"asked Boris.

"Isaiah?,"asked Elena.

I stepped forward.

"We wait...We wait for our opportunity."I stated.

I then walk towards the entrance of the cave looking over towards the waterfall, and watched the moonlight shining down into the cave with an evil smirk plastered across my face.

One day we 'll seek vengeance.


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