Isabella Weissmuller 's Development Of Physical, Intellectual, Social, And Emotional Development

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In child development, we are assigned a child to observe from the Deer Park Teaching and Learning Center, and track their development through the year. In this paper, I analyze Isabella Weissmuller 's development in physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development from the observations I have gotten from weekly observations in the Deer Park child care center.Then, I compare these observations with resources such as the textbook and handouts my teacher has provided me. To draw the conclusion I have, I used my journal entries dating back to October, the parents’ home report, the teachers from the center, and the textbook, Working With Young Children by Judy Herr. According to the home report, Isabella’s family has five members including Bella. Isabella has a mother named Jacqueline who is 34 and a father named Daniel who is 36. Isabella has two siblings, an older brother Jonathan, who is seven, and a younger sister Adelaide who is nicknamed Heidi, and she is two years old. Isabella Weissmueller, nicknamed Bella (Rose), is a four-year-old girl with brown hair and blue eyes. Isabella’s mother Jacqueline has a Master’s degree and is a speech-language pathologist. Bella’s father Daniel has a degree in Bachelor Science and is a chemist. Isabella’s parents believe her to be sensitive, and to accept new people easily. They find her temperament to be happy but can become very tearful. Bella seeks the attention of her mom, dad, and grandma at home. Bella’s parents are…

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