Isaac Newton Laws Of Motion Essay

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Isaac Newton is the person who had discovered the three laws of motion. At a young age newton would not play with the other kids, instead he spent his free time making wooden models, kites, sundials, he even made a water clock. When Newton got older he had attended Cambridge University from 1661-1665. He soon retreated to his grandparents house where he would soon start the study of calculus and the universal gravitation. I will start with how he discovered the laws of motion. Newton was a mathematician and a physics scholar. In 1666 sir Isaac Newton developed the theories of gravitation when he was only 23 years old. While he was at his grandparents he was sitting under an apple tree and then saw an apple fall from it. He had wondered why …show more content…
Newton's second law tells us exactly how much an object will accelerate for a given net force. The second law of motion states that acceleration is produced when an unbalanced force acts on a mass. The more mass an object has the more net force has to be used to move it. The second law of motion that Isaac Newton made uses vectors in it, vectors are a quantity that has both magnitude and direction. In physics we usually use arrows to show the distance and direction with vectors. Here is a few everyday examples of Newton's second law, if you use the same amount of force to push a truck and push a car the car will have more acceleration than the truck because the car has less mass. One other example of Newton’s second law is, it is easier to push an empty shopping cart than a full one, because the full shopping cart has more mass than the empty one. This means that more force is required to push the full shopping cart. The law goes on to state that as long as the mass of an object is constant, increasing the force exerted onto it will also increase its acceleration. On the other hand, if the force remains constant, then the increase of the mass of the object will cause acceleration to decrease. The equation you have to use to figure out Newton’s second law is force is equal to mass times acceleration. If you multiply the mass times the acceleration of an object you get the force that object is exerting. Newton’s second law helps us understand how the amount of force you need to act upon an object need to be equal to the mass times acceleration or more than to be able to act upon that

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