Isaac Newton Biography

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To this day, Sir Isaac Newton is remembered as one of the greatest minds of, not only the 17th century, but to ever walk this Earth. His intuition ranged from the subjects of physics and mathematics. From his laws of motion to his law of conservation of momentum, he truly revolutionized the science of his day. He is responsible for publishing one of the most acclaimed works known to science. He was remembered for all the amazing things that he was able to accomplish, but there were some cowardly acts done by Newton that people never knew about. Newton was born into the days where science was constantly changing and improving our ways of thinking. This was known as the Scientific Revolution. This was a time period where people had a hard time …show more content…
He was born almost 3 months premature and was said to be small enough to fit into a boot. His father died before he was even born and he was primarily raised by his grandmother. Newton has a relatively routine elementary education at his local village school. He did not show very much potential at a young age. He did not appear to be intelligent. Newton was a very private individual, very jealous, and did not like sharing his ideas. He never had many colleagues or friends. People actually thought that he was autistic because he did not relate well to people. As a kid, Newton actually caused a scare in his own village because he was startled by what he thought was a UFO in the sky. Newton never had anyone to look up or influence him as a child because he never had a parent to do so. His mother was actually known to have psychotic behaviors and was never much of a factor in his life. She was constantly in and out of relationships with different men. Newton was known to have despised his stepfather. Newton apparently had various despicable thoughts about his father, such as burning the house down with him in it. After being raised by his grandmother, he was sent back to live with his mother to be a farmer. Obviously, this was not what Newton had in mind for his life. His family had a small inheritance waiting for him, which was enough to send him off to Trinity College at Cambridge …show more content…
Luckily for Newton, the student he served did not ask much of him. So, Newton spent most of his year studying. He took a year off to continue his studies, and he returned for his master’s degree in mathematics and accepted a fellowship in 1667. Two years later, Newton’s major professor recognized his talents and was offered the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics, the most prestigious mathematic appointment in the world. Although this was a terrific offer for Newton, he had to turn it down because he was a member of the Arian heretic. Since he was a member, he thought that this was forbidden to him because of the affairs of the church. Nevertheless, Newton continued his private work without any bother and started making a name for

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