Isaac Albeniz And Folk Music Essay

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Isaac Albéniz and Folk Music in Spain Introduction
Isaac Manuel Francisco Albéniz is widely known as a piano guru whose music excellently portrays Spain’s spirit and culture. As a singer and a composer, he was able to meld performance and composition thus creating a fashionable music style similar to that of “Liszt” full of Spain folk idioms. His greatest inspiration was folklore, but he made a sole melodic style that stirred “Ravel” and “Debussy”. He had a great passion for national cultural music which enhanced originality in his musical career. He believed that culture should bring people together and should not be the basis of separating individuals. The transcription of some of his works for instance “Sevilla” and “Cataluna” was used to compose music for the classical guitar though the guitar was not his area of professionalism. I believe his role in modern folk music is unquantifiable.
According to Lloyd, “Folk Music denotes a music type which is rural and traditional commonly passing down via minor social groups or through the family setup.” It is fundamentally oral, and so are its lyrics. The knowledge of Folk Music is thereby orally passed down mainly through hearing instead of reading. The origin of this music type is rural, and it is coupled with different activities hence functional. The influence of the music falls in its ability to be practiced along with varying activities making it enjoyable and triggering learning that would not be acquired elsewhere…

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