IS3120 Unit 1 Assignment 1 Essay

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IS3120 Unit 1 Assignment 1
Johnson Company provides networking components and services. Today we are using the yellow pages for advertising, which is still useful but outdated. In most businesses today use other methods such as In person by using sale representatives. Mostly all the businesses today use the internet to reach out to customers, either by having a website, social media, sending emails or even newsletters. There are some that use a totally different approach, some of which include video conferencing and text messages. Other companies even push it further by utilizing social media sources such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so many more to promote their company.
To keep any company running you need supply and
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Nothing reflects more on a company than its products and customer service. Having a live agent ready to assist customers when they call in would be a great way to get some positive feed back about Johnson Company. Doing this can be lest costly with the new VOIP options that are in todays market. Considering how reliable VOIP We can ensure that our customers can reach at their convenience with just a dial of a few buttons. With more customers calling, we need to make sure our representatives have the latest technologies to better assist the customers.
Community engagement is something that you rarely see in our type of business today, if Johnson Company started to get involve in some of these events it would bring in more positivity and thus more customers. Some of the things we can do includes sponsoring marathons for cycling or a little league basketball team. To push this boundary even further I would ask of some of the owners to also show some concern in these sort of events to help reinsure people that it is not just a publicity stunt.
As I stated before social media can be a great tool for the company, by giving us a way to share with the world a different part of Johnson company. So pictures of these community events and other activities could uploaded to or social site to show perspective customers and current customer another aspect of the company. These two things can help change the company and how the world view us, they can even have a way for

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