Is Writing A Learned Skill Or An Innate Gift? Essay

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Is writing a learned skill or an innate gift? “The secret of becoming a writer is to write, write and keep on writing” (Ken MacLeod). Writing is a beautiful art and people think it is a gift that only some have. I would say, writing is both a learned skill and a gift possessed. Indeed, writing is a mixture of natural aptitude and hard work. Writers develop a natural aptitude for writing in a process with hard work, but no one is born a natural writer. More importantly, writing is a pivotal type of effective communication. The words we write on a paper is our thoughts filled with our beliefs. Writing is a communication that is required in all types of career fields. Experienced writers use the writing process to produce an effective piece of writing. The writing process involves the stages of prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and proofreading. First, the prewriting stage, it consists of different types of techniques and strategies that aid in effective writing. Prewriting includes cluster maps, outlines, journal writings, free writings, and brainstorming. Prewriting is the first step you will be working on that leads to a plausible writing. I use cluster maps to get my ideas related to each other and extract new ideas from the main points. Freewriting is also another potent strategy that the writer can choose as a prewriting strategy as the writer can write everything that comes to his/her mind and later revise and edit that it focuses on the crucial point of the…

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