Is Water A Water? Essay example

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For the last decade or so, Americas have been having a water rebellion. We have all heard someone tell us to drink water, but most of us reach for a soda without a second thought. Due to the convenience of soda and coffee plus like most of us, we figure that if we are not doing heavy recreational sport or physical activity than water is not that important. However, water is essential to life, which is why a new water system has been set up to fight the water rebellion This new water system is far more precise revealing the proper amount of water that each individual needs to drink daily, increases your effectiveness in everyday life and has health benefits that only water can give.
I blame lack of awareness for this issue because according to the Origins for the Estimations of Water Requirements in Adults “The earliest studies [of water] were undertaken in the 1920s and 1930s, with little further verification of these preliminary studies in the past 80 years.” (Vivanti) Vivanti goes on to explain, “Adequate water is essential for the body’s physiological function and is vital for life. General advice for 2L or 8 glasses of water a day as stated in health, professional, and popular literature.” It was not until recently that The Institute of Medicine, recommended men drink 13 cups of water a day, and women drink 9 cups of water a day. Finally, the scientific community decided on the new system of taking your weight in pounds dividing it by two and drinking that in ounces.…

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