Is University Valued Football Success Over Character And Core Leadership Behaviors?

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university valued football successes over character and core leadership behaviors. The university could have avoided the scandal entirely if it would have hired a coach who valued honesty and integrity.
Restoring the Trust and Confidence of Students and Stakeholders In order for the NCAA leadership to regain the trust and confidence of students and stakeholders, they must change the organizational culture and hire an ethics officer to enforce the ethics programs. First, changing the organizational culture is paramount to regaining the trust of stakeholders. Stakeholders must understand that the behaviors and incompetence of leadership that led to the stated scandals will be changed. Moreover, the culture change must align with an effective ethics program. However, changing an organizational culture is not an easy task. Sometimes, changing an organizational culture is a complete overhaul of an organization’s leadership and business practices. Expert Micah Solomon (2014) provides a 9 step process for changing organizational culture: (1) leadership commitment, (2) state the values, (3) adapt hiring practices to reflect newly stated values, (4) improve onboarding, (5) adjust personnel policies, (6) write down standards, (7) develop a sustainable reinforcement plan, (8) align metrics with newly stated values, (9) employee-directed job design. This process of culture change is a bit comprehensive; however, it is important to be thorough so that the new culture will…

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