Essay about Is University Education Worth The Cost For All Students?

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Is a university education worth the cost for all students? Some people would argue that a university education is the only way to get a good high paying job. But on the controversy tell, it is believed that a big university degree is not needed to get a high paying job, and the reasons behind this statement are that statistics show more and more jobs do not require a university education, some students are going to college just because they think they can get a good high paying job even if it deprives them of happiness, our county has an overpopulation of educated students and not enough jobs for these students so they are pretty much wasting their degree even if it costed them $100,000 for the degree. As stated earlier statistics show more and more jobs do not require a university education. For instance a New York bartender with the generous tips of the New Yorkers can earn an average of $80,000 a year compared the average accountant who, According to the Robert Half Financing & Accounting 2014 Salary Guide, earn $49,250 a year. A man named Montakin, who is from Bangladesh, came to America to get a university education. He did, now he is deep debt, and on top of that he cannot find a job that uses his degree. Montakin said that it was a mistake that he went to a university, and he said his expectations for employment were to high after he got his degree. Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed University to form the 624 billion dollar business, Apple. Steve Jobs said he had…

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