Is Unexamined Life Worth Living? Essay

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Is the Unexamined Life Worth Living?
The meaning of life has been debated and discussed since mankind first began to comprehend its own existence. Countless theories, hypotheses, and explanations have been formulated in attempt to satisfy generation after generation of people. Regardless of one’s view of the meaning of life, it is widely understood that life, without a target or goal, becomes tiresome. Some might venture to say that this kind of life is not worth living. Whether a life is or is not worth living is a very weighty matter, bound to be subject to many differing opinions. Socrates, regarded as one of the founders of Western philosophy, stated in Apology that the unexamined life is not worth living (Plato 41). According to Socrates, the key to making life worth living is self-knowledge and examination. By continually taking time to look deep into oneself and examine one’s beliefs, morals, and motivations, one is able to give thoughtful consideration to the way their life is carried out and be able to better understand oneself and their relationship with everything around them.
Socrates believed that this kind of genuine self reflection would lead to the “good life”; in which life is meaningful and worthwhile, and one would be virtuous and happy. Socrates asserted that people 's lives are led by core values, but first one must be able to search and find what these values are. Once one begins to examine himself, he takes the first step towards living a worthwhile…

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