Is Trust A Good? Essay

1560 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
Confidence can be good. Confidence can also be bad. Whichever way the trait is looked at, confidence is quite confusing. When asked to define confidence, the first thought that comes to mind is believing in something. Believing in a friend, a teammate, or even one 's own self are all examples of confidence at play as everyone, at some point, has experienced it in some way, shape, or form. Therefore, confidence is used every day even if it is not necessarily recognized and it exists in everyone, sometimes it may be a great deal or sometimes none at all, but there does come a point when confidence in a person can become too much.
Confidence and trust go hand in hand in nearly every situation which can be seen every day in various examples. To trust is to believe and believing is having confidence. Trust is a huge factor in life because humans are social beings and having confidence in one another is important. Think of friendships for example. Friends trust each other with almost every aspect of their lives, from not telling others about embarrassing moments shared together to disagreements with their parents. Friends trust each other with their closest secrets and continue to trust each other in their darkest moments. If humans did not have confidence that they could trust other people, they would seclude themselves from society, which is never good. In a likewise manner, confidence also seems to naturally pair itself with truth. Another example that uses confidence in…

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