Is Torture Acceptable? Is It Effective? Essay

1341 Words Mar 11th, 2016 null Page
Is torture acceptable? Is it effective? Many Americans are asking these questions in response to the American Government recently issuing its first open admission to the use of torture in pursuit of intelligence. Torture has historically involved inflicting physical pain until the individual if willing to cooperate but in recent decades the use of psychological, or “no-touch”, torture has become the go to interrogation method when trying to persuade enemy combatants to cooperate (Welch, 2009)). Due to this “no-touch” method it is hard for human rights organizations to prosecute this new form of “interrogation” as torture. Therefore many psychologists, with the backing of the APA and US government, have faced little to no repercussions for their involvement in unacceptable and unethical methods of obtaining intelligence. The implementation of psychological interrogation methods is a relatively new practice. The first documented research into these methods began in the cold war era when the “the US government supported the CIA’s pursuit of research on mind control as a means to combat communism and espionage”, which one historian called “a veritable Manhattan Project of the mind” (Welch, 2009). These practices died down with the conclusion of the Cold War but have recently become a commonly used practice by the CIA in the interrogations of enemy prisoners. This resurgence of psychological torture being used by the US government is a direct result of the 9/11 attacks by the…

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