Is Torture A Brutal Punishment? Essay

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Osama Bin Laden was found because of torture on terrorist subjects associated with him, yet many Americans are still in opposition of this strategy that captured the most dangerous man in the world just a few years ago. The effective use of maltreatment to avert a probable threat against the U.S. (terrorism) is often undermined because of its immorality in the perception of society. This maltreatment is often referred to as torture. This horrid or brutally immoral tactic term is loathed by many Americans because of the harm that comes from it. Torture is defined as a means of physical harm during captivity to a criminal subject (Aliprandini and Stingl). Throughout history torture has broadened from the Roman crucifixion (now out of date) to modern waterboarding (Head 9). Crucifixion is a brutal punishment that always results in suffocation. This malicious act has changed over time from merciless death to waterboarding, which simply creates an illusion on a subject that he/she is drowning in order to gain pertinent information. Where death is inevitable with crucifixion, it is extremely rare for the victim to die while being waterboarded. This tactic of torture by waterboarding is aimed at terrorists in an attempt to retrieve any information from this wretched individual whose life goal is to assist in the destruction or killing of America. Preventing any possible harm, and ensuring the protection of Americans is a necessity for America as assured in the Constitution. This…

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