Essay about Is There Wi Fi For Many Year Now?

1051 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
We live in society where social media runs our lives, and there is no way of escaping it. It’s gotten to the point where one can’t take a trip and them not asking, “Is there Wi-fi?” Now restaurants are providing Wifi for those who go and eat, especially fast food locations. Having Wi-fi is an important factor in the lives of many people, and one could say it a determining factor of where one might go. In the case of Mcdonald’s, it has been providing free Wi-Fi for many year now. McDonald’s had changed the fast food industry, in many ways that many don’t realize. The McDonald’s chain has changed the eating experience of fast food, it brings people of different backgrounds, and is defying its stereotypes. The ad is simple, but very effective. The dark vignette allow the viewer to look directly to the box. The box being red, is what catch the viewer 's eyes. One then immediately see the world wide famous “M” and everyone knows it 's Mcdonald 's. Red, which is associated with power and determination, while yellow is associated with joy and happiness: are the perfect combination of colors for McDonalds’ logo. The red shows McDonald 's’ global power and success, while the contrasting yellow give the consumer good feelings, just like when they bite into the big juicy Big Mac. To wrap it up it has the phrase, “Free Wi-Fi served at all restaurants” which reassures consumers that not can they eat there, but they can take some time of their day to sit down and watch some youtube…

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