Is There Truly Equality? Essay

1416 Words May 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
Many people associate America with being the “land of the free” or the “land of opportunity”. The general idea about America is that there is equality for all people. A person can be whomever they want, with little to no restriction. The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to protect the rights of American citizens. This appeals to many people, who may not be generally accepted in many parts of the world. But, there is still the question: Is there truly equality in America? Many people would answer yes due to the fact that slavery and discrimination has been outlawed and now every citizen, regardless of race or ethnicity, is covered under the United States’ Constitution. This is true; under the law everyone is considered equal. Even though the United States has rid its self of de jure segregation there is still de facto segregation going on. De facto segregation or structural discrimination against minority groups make it difficult for the United States to become a truly equal society. Education is always said to be the gateway to a better future. More jobs are opened to people with degrees from high school and college. Education can block people from opportunities like becoming a Senator in Congress. Currently, there are only three African American senators, one Asian American senator, and three Hispanic senators in Congress. These three categories show that there is very poor representation of all people of color in American politics; especially when the laws…

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