Is There Humanity Of Trapping? Essay

1457 Words Dec 9th, 2016 6 Pages
Andrew Lidgett
Ms. Johnson
Language arts P5
10 May 2016
Is There Humanity in Trapping? When it comes to trapping, there are three different kinds of traps: live-capture restraining devices, killing devices, and body gripping traps. Live-capture restraining devices allow you the option of harvesting or releasing the animal in the trap. Killing devices cause almost instant death for the animal. The third trap that goes along with the killing devices includes conibears and other kinds of body gripping devices. These traps have the option to function as either a live-capture restraining device or a killing device. Snares are included in this group because they are used as a live-capture restraining device but often lead to the death of the animal that 's stuck in the snare. Many people believe hunting/trapping is cruel, unethical, and painful; but it is not. Hunting and trapping is one of the most humane ways of acquiring an animal, and humans have been trapping animals as long as we have been on this earth. Trapping helps stop the spread of dangerous diseases, makes sure animal population does not increase too rapidly, is more humane than slaughterhouses, and helps endangered species and habitats. If we did not have the help of trappers and hunters, animal diseases would spread rapidly, such as rabies and mange. Without trappers, mange and many other diseases would spread throughout the animal community, causing problems in the community 's health. Another…

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