Is There A Universal Morality? Essay

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“Is there a ‘universal morality’ present in our world today”?
The philosophy of natural law is inherent to human nature, it is a system of standards common to all mankind. Natural law is determined by the reasoned analysis of that part of human nature which is universal and not merely cultural – natural law applies to everyone, regardless of culture or era. Most cultures accept that human nature not only has a telos, but that the telos was endowed by the Creator. Theists believe telos in its most basic form is ‘communion with God’. But they don’t agree that natural law necessarily follows.

The idea of natural law gets trickier when atheistic evolution gets involved. According to atheistic evolution we have already stated mankind has no universal telos. But most atheistic evolutionists do not wish to completely abandon natural law. The atheist uses reason to discover the laws governing natural events and applies them to thinking about human action. Actions in accord with such natural law are morally correct. Those that go against such natural laws are morally wrong. For the theists there is a deity that created all of nature and created the laws as well and so obedience to those laws and the supplement to those laws provided by the deity is the morally correct thing to do. For atheists there is still the belief that humans have reasoning ability and with it the laws of nature are discernible. Atheists who accept this approach to act in keeping with the laws of…

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