Is There A Perfect Way? Essay

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Is There a Perfect Way to Learn?
In today’s society education is everything without it its tough to survive in this world. There is no perfect form of education every person is different, some learn better when someone’s talking aloud and some with presentations. Learning can sometimes be difficult but once you find the best learning strategies to benefit you it can change everything. Malack Mouhammad, author of the poem, the effects of Technology of Child Development, discusses how technology has both changed and improved the learning process. It’s improved the speeds at which you can acquire certain information. But he also goes to explain some other methods of learning that can’t be replaced such as books; books have been around for hundreds of years their a method of learning that just cant be replaced just because of how useful it is. Malack also goes on to explain how technology can benefits a child’s learning process. He stats how some apps have an educational effect within the app that can teach kids in a fun and entertaining way. He then also discuss the study that showed a negative affect technology can have on a child’s brain and how some types of technology affect ones learning abilities and could affect them long-term.
In today’s society, education determines everything where your going to work how much money your going to make it eventually plans out your whole life. Throughout this paper I will be discussing education and the different ways education can be…

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