Is There A God Or Spiritual Realm Essay

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Michael Kosciolek
English 101
21 October 2014
Is There A God or Spiritual Realm? Religion has been around since the dawn of man and to this day there are thousands of religions throughout the world. Some involve worshipping the earth or animals but almost all involve worshipping some form of supernatural deity. The real God or “correct” deity is widely disputed and has created many conflicts in the past. The question “is God real” is one that keeps philosophers busy and most of mankind wondering. As western society continues to become more tolerant and advances in modern science continue this touchy question seems to be being asked more and more. So is there a God or even spiritual realm? Theoretically speaking technically anything is possible but I can and many other scientist can aswell safely say we are 99.9% sure there is no God or spiritual realm. First lets exam the origin of religion. Deborah Keleman, PhD a psychologist at Boston University realized in his studies that people have a tendency to assign a purpose or meaning to most things. Kelmen states that “If you ask children why a group of rocks are pointy, for example, they say something like, “It’s so that animals won’t sit on them and break them.” If you ask them why rivers exist, they say it’s so we
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Have you ever heard someone pray for a friend to get well or for a good deed to occur? Have you ever witnessed someone commit a good deed in the name of a God? Finally, have you ever heard someone say “an act of God” in reference to an extraordinary event or power? Why are so many people talking about a God if no God exist? “Universal truth is not measured in mass appeal.” (Felipe Andres) At one point in time the world was believed to be flat, Einstein’s theory of relatively was believed false, and sea monsters were a ligament concern for sailors. The answer is simply cultural and religious indoctrination. Nothing less. Nothing

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