Is The World A Great Place At Live Or Inherently Evil? Essay

1130 Words Apr 11th, 2016 null Page
Is the world a great place to live or inherently evil? Do people seek to harm or heal? Is the world void of stress or is that simply a view through rose-colored glasses? There are many decisions to make throughout a day and others our brains complete automatically. People need to choose their clothes, not the rate they digest food, their words, not their body temperature. Where in the world then, does happiness fall? Are we in control of our enjoyment or must it be triggered by outside sources? Psychologists have wondered a similar question throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Some studies have narrowed the range of possible conclusions. It seems like the attitudes we hold toward our surroundings do, in fact, determine the frequency and significance of happy times. Thinking happy translates to feeling happy. Each person can become happier by choosing a positive attitude, made easier by understanding, genetics are not self-limiting, high self-esteem contributes to wellbeing, and depression is not an end.
Essential to comprehending the effectiveness of choice on emotions is the definition of happiness. Happiness occurs when a person feels respected, safe, and appreciated. Often I feel happy with my family and close friends, doing work I find fulfilling, or expressing myself creatively. Each person finds happiness in his/her own unique set of experiences, for that difference is a part of happiness as well. The feeling is constant, but triggers range. One theory…

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