Is The Ultimate Goal? Essay example

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The Ultimate Goal From childhood some of us are taught a particularly disturbing philosophy, to be physically attractive equals success or happiness. To be the “skinny one”, to be appealing, and if we achieve this, everything else in life will just follow. I would be lying if I said that scared little girl inside my heart didn’t still believe this to be true to some extent, but with age came wisdom but we’ll get to this a little later. Seeing all the “pretty” people on tv, movies, ads, even in real life can be intimidating, convincing us all for the most part that this is just how life is. I hate to admit, but this way of thinking was apparent in my own family. My own mother was so unhappy with how she looked and the way the world perceived her that she took her own life, thinking that “if I can’t lose the weight, I will never be happy.” And because she believed this with her whole being, it was true. She wasn’t happy. Let’s get one thing straight, my mother was one of the most beautiful, selfless people you would have ever met. But because of mass media in every form telling her she wasn’t good enough, in her eyes she wasn’t. She was in such a dark place for a long period of my life just because of how she looked, it had convinced me that all these things were true. I had to be skinny or pretty or “girly” to be happy, or I’d end up like her. All these models and actors who can afford the help my mother so desperately desired, they all seem so successful and content with…

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