Essay on Is The Self Control Theory?

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The theory that I am going to focus on for this essay is the self-control theory. I understand that not just this theory explains why people use drugs but it is the one that I feel is the most direct to a person. I also agree with the other theories and think some of them go together. They can all be used and looked at in order to find out why people use drugs. I don’t think there is just one clear theory that stands alone, but the self-control theory is the one I feel most confident about. I chose this theory because I think it is the most individualistic theory towards a single person and if someone lacks self-control then they will find themselves doing things that aren 't the norms of society.
I think people that have no self-control are more likely to use drugs and engage in deviant behavior. It doesn 't just have to be about drugs, though. It could be the way someone is and their attitude towards different things. They could lack self-control on a number of things like everyday activities, committing crimes, and anything that would be stepping outside of the norms of society. This lack of self-control towards these things could lead them to lack self-control towards drugs. It doesn 't mean that everyone who lacks self-control will use drugs, they are just more likely to use them. It could be the opposite of that in which they conform to the norms of society and take care of themselves, respect the law and other people around them, but they lack self-control towards…

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