Is The Second Most Dangerous Place For Christians? Essay

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”Christianity is under an existential threat,” Anna Eshoo (Hareetz 1) . Christians are being killed and persecuted for their beliefs in many Middle Eastern countries. The people and the governments in the Middle East need to end the genocide occurring against Christians.
The persecution of Christians in Middle East intensified when Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was removed from power. According to the World Watch List, Iraq is the second most dangerous place for Christians due to ISIS jihadists (Open Doors 1). On March 19, 2003, the U.S., along with U.K. forces, invaded Iraq to prevent a mass destruction by Saddam Hussein. However, the War on Iraq resulted in violence against “ethnic and religious minorities” (Doran 1). Under Hussein’s dictatorship, Christians were “safe”. Hussein was a Sunni Muslim, which at the time was a religious minority. Since Christians were also a minority in Iraq, they were “much more protected under the Hussein Regime than they are currently,” says Brian Katulis of the Center for American Progress. (Tobia 1). Christians were not favored under Hussein, yet they were not harmed. According to Adeed Dawisha, Professor of Political Science at Miami University, “[Under Hussein’s rule] It was understood that if you don’t interfere in politics, then you are provided with a good life.” After Hussein was captured by American forces, his regime fell and a religious civil war broke out, against all religious minorities, including Christians, that spread…

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