Essay about Is The Reality Of Reality?

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Assuming that there is no reality beyond what power constructs presents a conundrum for resistance. Being that there is no essential truth to the self, every conception of the truth becomes concretized as such. It is irrelevant if one’s perception of truth is intrinsic or not, the fact is that they perceive it as such. If a person subscribes to a rigid notion of heterosexuality, whatever that involves, whether it is innate or not is beside the point. The heterosexual sees her or his identity as reality, and is constricted by it. Our perception of reality is just that, our reality. And by extension, any resistance to our reality is a resistance to precisely that: reality – as we know it that is. Conversely, resistance is a reality to the same extent that subjugation is a reality to power. And just as power needs resistance for it to be construed as a reality, resistance’s survival depends on the perseverance of power. Without resistance, power has nothing to subjugate; without power, resistance has nothing to resist. Thus, deprived of the oppositional reality through which resistance defines itself, the reality as it conceives itself vanishes. This suggests a paradox. It insinuates that resistance only manifests itself through its subjugation, while at the same time it is beholden to it. In more concrete terms, a discourse that evolves to challenge a more dominant one, does not really seek the latter’s obliteration, because doing so would lead the its own abolition. This…

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