Is The Rage Worth It? Essay

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Is Roid Rage Worth It? Drug use is sports in not a topic that is even remotely secretive. The question of whether or not they should continue to be banned, however, is still disputed. There are obvious explanations as to why athletes use drugs, but none that are practical when put in the perspective of the larger picture. Banned drugs, specifically steroids, are banned for a reason. These drugs should not be legalized in sporting events. One of the most glaring rationalizations for the banning of steroids is that they are bad for the athlete’s short-term and long-term health. According to some short-term issues are: abnormalities in reproductive organs in both males and females, acne, nausea and vomiting, depression, aggressiveness, and an increased risk of tendon tears, and muscle strains and ruptures. Long-term effects can be: HIV, liver dysfunction, kidney tumors, stunted growth, hypertension (high blood pressure), and psychiatric dysfunction. Problems such as these are serious repercussions of steroid use and are not uncommon. In the case that a person would contest that they are willing to risk these horrid side-effects if it helped them be more successful in their sport, the response would be that they are not actually being successful. Steroid use does not give the body a natural ability, rather it gives an advantage that isn’t present in even the healthiest bodies. Because of this, we can say that since it is not their own ability that is providing…

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