Is The Person I Want To Be?

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It all started when reality hit me I was about fourteen years old. I didn't know how to feel or even think.I hated myself for who i was I would tell myself “Is the person i want to be?” ,I had to make a change a really good one. When you’re young you don’t know right from wrong, especially when you’re left to raise yourself. The loneliness you feel when being left out because who you are or what you did.
My mother was never really stable wasn’t living life right. I would see thing a child should never hear or see.Yes, she’s my mom and I will always love her no matter what but i grew anger towards her a lot and i knew this wasn’t right but it was there;right in the center of my heart.Somehow I couldn’t let go it. My whole world change the day
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Thanks to my big brother I feel comfortable and I actually felt accepted, he stood up to my bully and ever since no one ever messed with me, so I felt safe. Then bad news came that we had to move I was so upset my mom never even ask me, ask me how I felt about moving or changing school I was barely in the 6th grade so I was more upset. I was barely making friends who accepted me. So we had to move and make a new life in Garland tx, I moved schools I was going to this very small charter school. At first things were going good but then it all started again the bullying. I started to eat my feelings and I got overweight and I couldn’t talk to no one about my feeling because one my mom was never there or even when she was I would talk to her but I would never get fed back. Second I felt that my family didn't like me because i was known as the spoiled,brat little girl ,yes …show more content…
My doctor told me I was obese for my age i weighed about 245 pounds and that when she told that it's time for me to make a change. She asked me what was the reason that why i'm so overweight and I told her I eat and can’t stop so she ask me “why?” and I told her I was going through, she told me I was depressed about it get some help because I could end up sick or get diabetes. That day she told me that I cried because she was right I wasn't worried about my weight I was careless. She gave me a list of counselors that she said I should at least talk too, so as we left the doctors i told my mom that I would love to try one them out and she said “okay.” I waited days for her just to say “come on let's go and see which counselors is good for” but ever since that day my mom paid no mind to it she did not worried about sending me, I was used to it so i paid no mind to it either. I continued eating and not carrying, but somehow i couldn’t let go of it I couldn't live with

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