Essay Is The Nursing Home For The Elderly?

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There were many choices and ways that I could have gone for my activism action assignment, and in the end I chose to work a shift with my friend Justin at a nursing home for the elderly. Since I will be discussing different details of the shift in this essay, I will leave the name of the nursing home disclosed. However, I can say that it is located in the Pickerington area which is very close to where I live. Going in to this I truly wanted to find out not necessarily the working conditions and of the employees, but to see how they treated the elderly and the sick at the nursing home. Since in class we’ve discussed institutions and society, and questioned how society has treated people who get up in age and what they essentially do with them. And on of the main things that people in society do once either their parents or relatives get to a certain age is that they put them in a nursing home because they essentially don’t want to deal with them any longer. The main objective of my activism action was to see if seniors and sick the were treated right, fairly and with compassion; and also learning from Justin the reasons why families put their relatives in nursing homes in the first place.
This first paragraph I’ll go through the duties and jobs that Justin showed me and what he does every shift. The shift I worked with Justin was a six hour shift and I gained a lot of information about the work that is done at the home and how the seniors are treated everyday. This…

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