Is The Nfl Doing Enough Help Prevent These Concussions? Essay examples

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Every Sunday, millions of people around the US sit down with their friends and family and watch their modern day gladiator fight known as football. For years people have enjoyed the carnage that the NFL has to offer. Viewers watch as two teams go at it on the field, and every now and then a player is carted off because of an injury. No one seems to take into consideration the seriousness of these injuries. Some of these injuries could take them out a week, a month, or even a year. Some injuries affect players for the rest of their lives; such as, concussions. Concussions nowadays are starting to become a great issue in football, and one question arises: Is the NFL doing enough to help prevent these concussions? The League claims it is, but many people say otherwise. The reasons many say the NFL is doing very little are the rising issue of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, statistics showing no change in concussion rates, and former players coming out and saying concussions have put a dent on their lives. One major issue that has just recently raised suspicion is chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. CTE is a disease of the brain caused by blows to the head. These hits to the head do not have to be concussive. Weaker hits can also raise the chances of CTE just as much as concussive hits. What CTE does to the brain is quite unpleasant. The impacts from tackles damage the neural pathways in the brain which cause a protein, called tau, to build up.…

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