Is The Internet Dominating Our Sexuality? Essay

1121 Words Jun 30th, 2016 null Page
Is The Internet Dominating Our Sexuality? We live in a society and generation that strives for perfection. We need to have the perfect car, house, clothing and above all else the perfect body. Men and women both face scrutiny for not having the “ideal body”. For women they must have big breasts, and a bottom, but with a thin hourglass figure whereas men must be built and muscular with abs chiseled to perfection. However all of these ideals come at a cost, and some individuals will do whatever it takes to fit these ideals and look physically appealing. Some women starve themselves to fit into a double zero pants size, and some men turn to steroids to increase their muscles. We crave these unnatural bodies and beauty so a man or women will want to lie in bed with us, whether it be for one night or the rest of our lives. Many of these ideals are coming from the internet and the media and ultimately are affecting our sexuality. This generation strives on getting the most “likes” to measure their self worth. The internet and media are pushing us towards a sexually dominated culture, and are helping promote sexual assault and subjectivity. Many individuals are learning how to "do" sexuality based off of the internet and media, and many young adults are feeling the pressure of becoming sexually active, because it seems to be promoted everywhere.
Being a young female college student, there is a lot of pressure not only with school and work, but to be sexually active and available.…

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