Is The Free Womb Law? Essay

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Brazil 1871, debates on weather or not the “Free Womb Law” should be accepted are being held in the Brazilian chamber on congress. Mr. Barros-Cobra, a member of the chamber is speaking against the “Free Womb Law” stating that it is unmoral, illegal, and detrimental to the slaves and to the rest of society. In the excerpt at hand, Mr. Barros-Cobra begins with an ethical argument stating that “[Enforcing the Free Womb Law] will arouse false expectations among the slaves, desires for freedom.” His argument here is lets not give these slaves false hope, it is cruel and can even lead to them revolting against their owners and society. He believes that giving them hope will bring nothing be harm to Brazil. His second argument is that the “Free Womb Law” is indeed unconstitutional. He states that “The bill, as now conceived, is unconstitutional.” because it eliminates the rights to property as slaves are seen as property and because it would give political rights to those who cannot legally attain them. His third argument states that these freed slaves will be thrown into society without any life tools needed to succeed. They will hurt society by not knowing how to correctly behave themselves as a member of it. He states “Freed people...will enter into society infected with all the vices of slavery, ignorant, brutalized, despising work, with no education whatsoever, with no comprehension of human dignity.” which proves that he believes that freed slaves will be a sickness to…

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